Friday, July 15, 2011


Through my experiences of cooking together with someone I discovered that most of the time we have something in common. When I am home from school my sister and I take out a cookbook and just cook. My mother loves it. She gets a night out of cooking and my sister likes it cause she gets out of doing the dishes. My sister and I never really got along for some reason; but when we are together in the kitchen all of our problems just seem to go right out the window and we have fun together.

When I first met my fiance I never knew he liked cooking as much as I because I have heard stories of him burning chickens and that worried me a little. However, as I got to know him more, I found out that we both have the same cooking ideas. We both like cooking with fresh local ingredients. When my fiance and I first met, I knew he had Celiac Disease, something I have never heard of it before. I was kind of worried as to how to approach something like this in my cooking. After trying multiple gluten free foods, and eating gluten free myself for six months I discovered I can do it. It was easy to cook, and once you get past the food that tastes like cardboard it isn't that bad. Now, when we cook dinner for my family we try to make it gluten free and taste good too.

Recently, I found out I had a nickel allergy, and was told to eat a low nickel diet. I had no idea what this meant. After doing some research and having help from my doctor, I discovered what a low nickel diet consisted of. I cannot have any wheat, soy, or nut products, as well as dried fruits, green leafy vegetables, any products that come in a can, and other things.This allergy is a huge learning experience for me and my family, and trying to adapt to this diet isn't easy. As time goes on more and more recipes will follow the Celiac diet as well as the low nickel diet. However, there will be recipes posted that I cannot have or will have a note saying where to add something if desired.

This was just an introduction post, next post will have a recipe.